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Our founder began the Limited Scope Law Firm with a simple and straightforward realization, the traditional attorney service model was too expensive for the vast majority of Californians, and there had to be a way to provide them assistance. The state made specific provisions to allow for limited scope legal services, but the implementation of the provisions created a virtual minefield of ways attorneys providing these services could end up out of business. Our founder, as well as other attorneys in the network, have worked under the umbrella of these provisions long enough to know what can and can't be done within the framework. We are committed to helping those we can under the current rules with their legal needs.

Our Founder

Our Mission

Our firm specializes in helping corporations and small businesses with all their legal needs and help you in all your business endeavors.

Christopher Stefan

Founder and Principal Attorney

With more than 8 years of practice, Mr. Stefan has experience in a wide variety of practice areas. Operating a volume based practice has meant he's been involved in far more matters than traditional attorneys. He's provided strategic counsel for literally thousands of clients, appeared in court around an estimated 1,000 times, and has written thousands upon thousands of legal documents. His commitment to providing efficient and effective legal services has become an absolute requirement for every attorney that has become part of the vast network of attorneys the firm has at it's disposal.


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