Are you having trouble getting the credit you want and deserve? 

Are you disappointed in your credit score?

Do you have late payments? Judgments?

Many people attempt to repair their credit on their own, and for a lot of minor issues, a self-help guide and attention to detail can get the job done. Others will outsource this task to non-attorney credit repair specialists, some of whom may have nefarious practices, but others are perfectly capable of dealing with minor credit issues in an ethical manner. 

However, some creditors will simply dig in their heels and fight to keep that blemish on your record. When this happens, you'll either need to accept the lower score or turn up the heat by hiring counsel to assist you. 

There are a large number of strategies you can take regarding dealing with creditor reporting that only a licensed attorney can assist you with. Whether you need simple strategic advice, need to hire an attorney negotiate directly with the creditor, need to prepare a small claims case against the creditor, or need assistance in asserting your rights under the FCRA ( Fair Credit Reporting Act) or FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act), we're here to help. 

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If you've decided to assert your rights in small claims court, please review our self-help guide.