Need help with a criminal defense matter? Retain us for a limited scope consultation and we'll start the conversation. Go to the payments tab to set up the consultation!

Have you been in accident? Were you injured on the job? Were you discriminated against by your employer? If you believe you may have a case, complete the form on the contact us page with a simple description of the issue. We'll review it and let you know whether we can set waive the charge for a simple consultation.


The term family law covers a wide variety of issues, but for the most part it covers divorce and child custody. We provide consultations, appearances, legal drafting and in the right circumstances, full representation for those involved in family law disputes.

Representing clients before the court as attorney of record involves a lot more work than most clients realize. As such, the financial needs of the firm require that large retainers be submitted prior to entry into the case.  But most Californians can't afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars, let alone pay that amount upfront!

That's where limited scope representation may be the best option. Limited Scope Representation is where a client retains an attorney to do specific tasks on a client's matter, and the client is responsible for all other tasks on the case. You can hire an attorney to complete a limited scope representation for far less than the cost of hiring an attorney of record, this is because the attorney is doing far less work.Our firm specializes in representing clients in this fashion. We do this by providing limited scope consultations, limited scope appearances, and ghost-writing legal documents. 

Most debt litigation cases involve someone being sued by a credit card company for non-payment. We provide consultations, legal drafting, appearances and in the right circumstances, full representation for people involved in such matters

Practice Areas For People

Considering whether or not you should file for bankruptcy? Retain us for a limited scope simple consult and we'll start the conversation.

Evicting a tenant from a property is a very technical affair. Tenants have a number of legal rights to defend such actions and we are experienced and using them wisely. We provide consultations, legal drafting, and appearances in such matters.

The firm founder introduces himself and the practice for individuals in a series of short videos. 

The firm founder introduces individuals to the system and the process they'll face. He also provides some basic advice on what to expect and not expect when hiring attorneys.