Are you a small business owner in need of legal counsel? Do you need contracts reviewed? Deals negotiated? Disputes resolved BEFORE you end up in court?


 Corporate law firms operate a business model dependent on billable hours, which gives them an incentive to be inefficient. While large, well-established companies and wealthy businessmen may be able to afford this, many smaller businesses and individuals with less resources need legal services delivered as efficiently as possible. As anyone can see, the limited scope law group has a different business model than the traditional law firms, one that is almost opposite than large corporate law firms. 

 We work with our clients to deliver efficient, cost-effective legal services whenever possible. This is how we operate whether we are assisting individuals or companies. If you're running a small business and are without the aid of in-house counsel, we may be able to offer you the benefit of assistance without the huge cost.

How we Operate

The Limited Scope Law Group is a small-business, probably not unlike your business. We're founded on a business model of efficiency, a nice way of saying we're a no-frills operation. When you come to us, you're not going to get some of the perks you've come to expect from big corporate law firms. When you come to the office for a meeting,you won't be offered a fancy latte while you wait, the view from the office won't be of a beautiful city-skyline or the ocean, and the lawyer you meet with won't be in a $5,000 suit. In fact, most of the time communication will be with a phone call, rather than an in-person meeting. On top of it all, you won't get a "free" consult for every issue, you'll have to pay a modest fee for the consult before you have it..

However, the upside of our services is this. You won't be given an initial consultation followed by a demand for thousands of dollars that are going to be spent at the law firm's discretion. You won't be chased down for unpaid balances, this is a pay-as-you-go arrangement. You won't be bombarded with calls and emails from the law firm's staff and junior associates then billed hundreds of dollars an hour for the time they spent. Your lawyer will speak plainly, and will be good at explaining why the advice given should be followed. And perhaps most importantly, advising clients is our primary business model, so you won't be waiting for weeks or months on end to hear back from us, we pride ourselves on providing a quick turn-around time. 

What We Do

We can assist small businesses and business operators the following ways:

Reviewing contracts
Drafting Contracts
Negotiating Contracts
Business Formation
Corporate Bylaw Drafting
LLC Operating Agreement Drafting
Corporate Compliance
Business Dissolution
Business Disputes
Regulatory Compliance
General Counsel

 The list is by no way exhaustive. However, please take note that we can NOT represent corporations/limited liability companies in LITIGATION in any way.

How it Works
When you hire an attorney, you are buying their time. One of the biggest sources of dispute between law firms and clients is not the value of the attorney's time, it's the amount of time the attorney spends on their matter, raising the overall cost of the job. Often, the client worries about the attorney "padding" their time sheets, in other words, spending more time than is absolutely necessary. Our business model is a pay-as you-go model, therefore, you are part of the process and get a better sense of how much time the attorney is spending on your matter. 

 All our business clients start with a 30 minute consultation (for $150.00) prior to getting started with anything more comprehensive. Clients pay via paypal, and can do so by clicking here. 



After, we advise our clients to provide the following information to us via email:

1) what questions you have that you want answered? (i.e.I received a demand letter from someone threatening to sue, what do I do?)

2) the background of the situation you need addressed? (i.e. I run a small website that sells household items and the letter was from the competition)

3) what you're looking to have done? (i.e. write them back as my law firm and tell them to leave me be,etc)