Prior to having the consult, clients must submit an electronic payment in the tabs provided. Clients can use PayPal or Dwollo for consultations and appearances, and have the additional option of using Law Pay for most complex matters (though all such transactions start with a paid consultation).  The following options correspond to the options below in the drop-down boxes.

Self-Represented Preparation Consultation:  Limited to thirty minutes, done by appointment, for the low price of $150.00. Designed to provide services to clients who represent themselves before the court and will be appearing before the court without an attorney. We use this time to help our clients prepare for their court date.


Small Business Strategic Consultation: Limited to thirty minutes and done by appointment, for the low price of $150.00. Designed to provide small business clients to obtain legal advice on a variety of issues. Rather than being forced to pay a large retainer fee to a large firm, these sessions allow small business operators obtain legal advice on an as-needed basis.

Standard Appearance:  All hearings require a simple consult prior to engaging the attorney for a standard appearance. Upon approval after the simple consult, for the low price of $500.00, we will do a limited scope appearance on your matter. All appearances are based on attorney availability, and the attorney will not reserve the date until a payment is made. The day of court the attorney will appear submit an FL-950 or MC 950 ( which tells the court the attorney is limited scope), complete the appearance, then submit an MC-050 at the end. The law firm only accepts appearances made for individuals, no corporations will be represented this way. The law firm must limit it's standard appearances to noticed Request for Orders, Status Conferences, Mandatory Settlement Conferences, Trial Setting Conferences, Unlawful Detainer Motions and Hearing, Credit Card lawsuit motions, case management conferences, and trials. Standard appearances will be made in the following courthouses ONLY: Downtown Los Angeles Stanley Mosk courthouse, Van Nuys Courthouse, Pasadena Courthouse,  San Fernando Courthouse, Chatsworth Courthouse, and Pomona Courthouse. While we encourage our clients to reserve our time in advance as possible, if you've waited until the last minute please call us at 818-210-5024 prior to making a payment to ensure availability.

Need to pay a different amount? You'll need our approval to do, so please start with a simple consult above. Provided you've done that, please submit payment below through the following options